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Welcome to

Madison Park Cooperative Preschool

Play. Learn. Grow.

0-12 months by September 1

We offer a nurturing and safe environment for infants and caregivers to grow.


Parent education is offered during class focusing on development, milestones and parenting highs and lows. Class includes lots of time for informal socializing and connecting with other caregivers.

Age 1 by September 1

Our Tots class is designed to encourage exploration and curiosity. We offer a play-based curriculum that allows choice.


Parents and caregivers attend class with their students assisting in the operation of the classroom and contributing to a supportive community.

Age 2 by September 1

Our Twos class emphasizes creativity and problem solving through play. Children begin to collaborate and create together. We play outside whatever the weather learning to adapt.


Drop off is introduced at this age with parents and caregivers assisting in the classroom one day per week.


Age 3 by September 1

Our Three/Fours class is a multi-aged class designed to build confidence in our students through imaginative play, art projects, block building, story time and lots of collaboration. Students develop resilience, build self esteem and make life long friendships.


Parents and caregivers assist in classroom one day per week.

Our Philosophy

At Madison Park Cooperative Preschool, we believe that children learn best through play and exploration. We provide a safe and nurturing environment where caregivers and children learn together. Our experienced teachers work closely with families to create a strong sense of community and parent involvement.

What Parents Think

“Madison Park Co-op was a lifeline for my family when we moved to Seattle.”

Quinn's Mom

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