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Mission & Philosophy

Madison Park Cooperative Preschool is a cooperative preschool emphasizing play-based learning, parent and caregiver education, and building community within our schoolhouse and beyond. 


We provide a nurturing and supportive atmosphere where caregivers and children learn together. All family members gain confidence as children build social and academic readiness skills. 


MPCP believes that successful learning develops positive self-esteem. This requires making choices, gathering information from experience, and evaluating outcomes. A safe physical environment is structured to challenge fine and gross motor skills, encourage the development of self-help skills, and facilitate experimentation.


MPCP is more than a school. 


We are a community creating a larger village in which to raise our children. Caregivers, children and teachers all participate in school events and parties. We also participate in the local and wider community. 


Our social events are fun for the whole family. We kick off the school year and celebrate the last day of classes with potluck picnics at our local park. Halloween is always a highlight with trick or treating on Madison Street and a festive photobooth at the Bathhouse. Our annual fundraiser in the Spring includes our children - and coffee and treats - on a Saturday morning. Parent volunteers enjoy working together to plan these events offering plenty of opportunities to connect. 


Each class hosts informal events throughout the year too. We love to celebrate milestones together. When a new baby arrives or a family needs extra support, the co-op community is there to help. MPCP is where lifelong friendships start.


Parent Education

Adults are students, too.


Since 1986, Madison Park Cooperative Preschool has partnered with the Seattle College system recognizing the need for current parenting information and early childhood development. Since 2021, MPCP has been part of the North Seattle College Cooperative Preschool Program


Parents and caregivers are involved in their child's early education experience by participating once a week in the cooperative preschool classroom and at monthly class meetings taught by a Parent Educator — an NSC faculty member. The Parent Educator also advises and supports caregivers during class by making themselves available to answer questions.


Parent Education at MPCP helps adults become more effective and satisfied in their roles as caregivers by teaching them about child development and behavior, encouraging the developmentally appropriate activities and responses, and creating a supportive and accepting atmosphere for adults to learn from one another. All teaching and methodology recognizes and celebrates that there are many different ways to raise a family, and that we have much to learn from each other, and from our children.


We are located at the historic Madison Park Bathhouse where Madison Street meets Lake Washington.

Our families love to stop by our local bakery, children's shop and toy store before or after class. You can also find us feeding the ducks at the beach or playing at the playground across the street.



MPCP began in 1970 as a small babysitting co-op in the Madison Park Bathhouse. In 1986, MPCP became one of several parent-operated preschools affiliated with the Seattle College system, recognizing the need for current parenting information and early childhood education. 


Often parents and grandparents come back to attend co-op with their next generation. We love it when former students stop by to see their first school and to say hello to our teachers.


MPCP values our long-standing partnership with Seattle Parks and Recreation, and honors it by giving a community focus to our programming and giving efforts. 


We partner with our local community council, Friends of Madison Park, to host their meetings at the Bathhouse along with other community events. We enjoy sharing our space and opening our doors for beloved Madison Park traditions.



MPCP strives to be sensitive to the cultural and individual needs of each member family and the creative, social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs of each child. MPCP believes that children benefit from a diverse social setting and therefore promotes a multicultural environment that teaches respect and understanding of various backgrounds.

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